Twitter Archive

When I was exiled in 2014, I lost more than my country – I lost an entire previous life, including my business, savings, and network. I still haven’t settled down, and to date do not have a permanent home and do not own anything too large to fit in a suitcase.

Supporting my work and my family during this transition has been challenging. To help fund myself, I am putting my twitter archive for download here. At over 95,000 tweets, it adds up to the length of over 35 books.

My archive is the best reflection of my thought and its evolution. It has all my updates covering Arab & other affairs since 2011, all #ArabTyrantManual tweets, and many, many discussions and conversations on politics, history, philosophy, and Islamic reform.

You can choose to give $19, $39 or $59 for it, depending on how much you wish to help – in all cases you get the same downloadable. The archive is searchable and is arranged chronologically, and runs in your internet browser.

Downloadable size: 21 MB compressed file, unpacks to 152 MB. Last updated: Feb 17th, 2016.

Payment  options coming shortly.