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“They hate us for our freedoms”

Sooner or later, when a tyrant is challenged or cornered, he’ll turn to those rebelling against him and accuse them of hating him for who he is, rather than fighting him for what he does.

If he happens to be of the same race, color, and creed as the general population, then they are fighting him out of jealousy, for being such an illustrious and great leader. If however, he happens to be of a different religion or creed, then the rebels are fanatics who are fighting him just because of his sect (never mind all the death, destruction, and massacres).

It’s already happening in Syria. After at least 6000 deaths, and many times that number injured, we hear the tyrants (and the tyrant-lovers) accuse the FSA of fighting the regime more for its sect than for any political demands (or even self defense).


[Yesterday], I invited my Twitter followers to compare this line to a few others often promoted by