The Parable of the Creepy Neighbor

Picture this.

Let’s say you had a creepy old next door neighbor when you were a kid. He was one evil, mean son-of-a-bitch who got into fist fights with your parents, beat up your friends, tortured & killed your cat, ran over your dog, and broke your bike. The trauma that he has caused you lived with you well into adulthood. You still see nightmares.


Now let’s say that, two decades later, you hear that he met a rather ugly death. Let’s say someone tortured him and then killed him, much like he used to do to your pets. Now, what will be your reaction? Is it any surprise that you’d think that he got when he deserved? Is it any surprise that you’d smile, maybe even cry with joy?


Now think.

Does this mean that you believe whoever killed him should go free? Absolutely, positively not. Does this mean that you support torture & murder? Absolutely, positively not. Your reaction says more about the trauma he inflicted upon you, rather than your feelings about murder, torture, or the rule of law.

Now take this lesson and apply it to Gaddafi’s death.