Introducing the Islamic Paradigm

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In my first post I talked about the origins of this project. I’d like to talk a bit more about that. Why am I talking of a “paradigm”?

It’s been said that the Qur’an can never be translated; only reinterpreted into another language. I submit that this “translation problem” is not limited to Islam’s scriptures but to most of its basic concepts. It’s not a matter of translating a language into another, but a worldview into another.

This is what prompted me to talk of a “paradigm”. I am attempting to portray the Islamic worldview regarding certain concepts and issues, by explaining how Muslims see (or should see) these things; that is, explaining Islam on Islam’s own terms.

Any compatibility I may uncover between Islam and Western thoughts or ideas should be seen as an interesting occasional point of agreement, rather than an attempt at outreach.

Is this an apologetic?

While I may be proceeding from certain Islamophobic arguments, my intention isn’t to counter or argue against them. What I’m doing is not apologetics; I am not attempting to “defend” or justify Islam’s positions, or show it to be “compatible” with any Western ideas or schools of thought.

You don’t have to agree with Islamic worldview and it is certainly not my intention to convince you of it. In fact, you’re free to hate Islam afterwards. At least, then, it would be an informed disagreement, rather than an irrational hatred based on myths, falsehoods, half-truths, ignorance, and pure stupidity.

I may quote others sporadically, without mention of name. I intend no disrespect to anyone I respond to – they may well be more intelligent, upright, and successful than me. I’m not writing to discredit them. I hope we can maintain this atmosphere of respect even if we hold diametrically opposite views.